Intro and Rules

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Intro and Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:26 am

hello everyone and welcome to Nerf net online, a global page where nerfers from anywhere can share ideas and tips as well as pictures of the modified/ personal foam weapons. there will also be various forums for discussion on numerous topics such as links for modding items to but or new/ upcoming nerf gear/guns that are set to come up in the future. There will also be a page for those who wish to sell there nerf gear or trade/ gift the guns to other nerf enthusiasts on the forum.

now like any other forum there has to be some rules.

first pleas no profanity in the forums
second pleas no inappropriate content
pleas keep the topics for the forum in the general idea of the tread. there will be a space for random talk.
finally buyer/ seller beware when doing any sort of trade deal. myself nor any of the other admins are responsible for deals gone south although we will be monitoring for any suspicious behavior and will be compiling a list of scammers/frauds if any happen or are brought to light.

if you wish to become a admin pleas feel free to send me a message.

lastly have fun and happy nerfing Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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